Course Building Worksheet: Flesh out your course concept in 5 simple steps

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Itching to build a course but not sure where to start? Or looking to generate a new revenue stream by sharing your expertise at scale?

Maybe you've been wanting to ask you audience what you should teach but don't know how to go about the process.

You need to flesh out your course concept before you can validate demand.

Use this worksheet to flesh out your concept in 5 steps:

🤩  Identify your teaching objective

🔥  Determine your topic and differentiator

🙋🏽‍♀️  Identify your target students

📆  Determine your course structure

💰  Determine your course price

By the end, you'll have an awesome course concept to validate with prospective customers (i.e., students).

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Why you should listen to me

I've helped over 50 entrepreneurs and creators launch and scale courses. I’ve been Head TA for Maven’s Course Accelerator, a mentor for Write of Passage (the top online writing course), and designed and delivered programs at a startup incubator called District 3. I studied Learning Design and Tech at Harvard Extension School, and I’ve worked in Canada, the UK, Australia, and France, serving international teams across the globe.

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“Really enjoyed the structure and progression of thinking through the course structure.”

Michael Hoffmann, Entrepreneur specialized in creating passive income streams

More testimonials about my work helping course builders

“Alexandra is a MACHINE. She’s been a go-to resource for course creators in the Write of Passage community and was Head TA for Maven’s course accelerator, where she drove operations, and coached entrepreneurs and creators on everything from how to differentiate and structure a course, to the intricate details of designing effective learning sessions and prompts. Alexandra’s great energy and organizational skills make her an excellent facilitator and course building coach. I’m a huge fan of hers.”

Christine Carillo, Executive Coach for CEOs & Entrepreneur, runs a course called The 20 Hour CEO

"Alexandra was Head TA when I took Maven's course on How to Build a Cohort-Based Course. From that, my partner Chris and I launched the Newsletter Launchpad in which Alexandra continued to help us and advise us even after we launched it. 

I also had the opportunity to learn from Alexandra's Mentor sessions in David Perell's Write of Passage course (the top online course for writing - they get hundreds of applications for mentor spots).  She's great at translating learning principles into easy-to-understand mental models. She's invested in those she works with and always goes the extra mile to make sure you feel happy and confident about your course."

Louie Bacaj, Engineer turned Entrepreneur, runs a course called Newsletter Launchpad

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Course Building Worksheet: Flesh out your course concept in 5 simple steps

3 ratings
I want this!